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Parking Lot Light Upgrade - Proposed Schedule

Here is a proposed schedule:

                Thursday 10/10/2019      – No Closure – Work will be done on fixtures by the canopy and then start                                                                 with the loop behind maintenance

                Friday 10/11/2019            – Closure Gym Parking Lot

                Saturday 10/12/2019       – Closure Staff Parking Lot

                Monday   10/14/2019       – Closure from the Front Parking Lot (circle) through the Music Parking Lot, basically all parking on the 202 side of the school.  The staff parking lot out back and gym parking lots will be open along with the Middle School Parking Lot.

Please note that during this transition there may be some area where lighting may not be operational for one night while the conversion to the new system occurs.

As always, feel free to call me with any questions or concerns.

Unfortunately the weather is not supporting this work so there is a possibility the work may need to be rescheduled.

Please share this information with your staff.

Kind regards,

Bill Hansen

William H. Hansen, P.E.

Director of Facilities, Property Services and Special Projects

RSU 14