WHS aerial photo

WHS's production of "Humbletown: The Greatest Town on Earth" wins first at the Class A Southern One Act Play competition held March 11 at Thornton Academy.

Here is the list of students that won 1st place at the Regional all class A festival, hosted by Thornton this weekend
All Festival Cast award:
Molly Plati
Teddy Becker
Special Commendations Awards:
Lighting Design: Al Potter
The Musicians:
Victoria Lin, Piano, Music Director
Emma Kennedy, percussion
Stuart Gabaree, Trombone
Abigail Coleman, Violin
Full Cast:
Molly Plati
Lucas Cormier
Sophie Koutalakis
Liam Yates
Maddy Cook
Teddy Becker
Eli Snow
Rosario Lydon
Nick Davenport
Bryce Smith
Riley Yates
Maia Ransom
Morgan Smith
Lucas Oldershaw
Ava Dickson
Victoria Lin
Abigail Coleman
Stuart Gabaree
Emma Kennedy
Franchesca Lomonte
Ralph Leavitt
Olivia Day
Erica Lin
Maia Ransom
Lighting Design/board op: Al Potter